This co-operative is currently home to 20 adults and 4 kids and is now well into its fifth decade. We live in and around a huge Victorian main house, with its walled garden, stables and cottages, surrounded by 183 acres of beautiful woods, pastures and marshland which stretch to a loch in the north. Living spaces use wood for heating and cooking. A hydro supplies much of our electricity.

During the summer months we host a varied programme of events (music, dance, self-help, creative, gay, etc.), called the People Centre, which brings up to 70 extra people a week. We grow as much fruit and vegetables as we can, keep cows, pigs, hens and bees, and do most of our own maintenance.

Issues that affect everybody come to a weekly co-op meeting in which decisions are made by consensus. Co-operation is our common ideology; under that umbrella we lean this way and that, are generally better at dealing with tomorrow than next year, are supportive of each other as individuals as well as co-op members... and we try to have a good time!


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There are usually two ways of visiting us. You can come on a Maintenance Week, or you can book on a People Centre event.

Due to the continuing situation surrounding Covid-19, we have made the difficult decision not to hold a 2021 People Centre season. However, regarding Maintenance Weeks, since they require a lot less pre-planning/ organisation, we do feel able to offer our July and September weeks to visitors, provided the Covid situation nearer the time allows. If you are interested in possibly coming on one of these weeks, please contact us via visitlh@gmail.com and we will send you details and a booking form.

As a whole cooperative we regularly discuss and modify our behaviour and policies with regard to Covid and any decisions about a 2022 PC season won't be made before the end of March 2021 at the earliest.


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